To All Officials.

Its apparant, that we are becoming more and more lacks in calling the types of fouls (POINTS OF EMPHASIS)
that we did in December.

I have seen a number of games in the past week, and spoke with a number of Coaches and the most common comment is " We spent a lot of time teaching our kids to play defense with their legs and not their arms, in December the armbar fouls were called and they are not now" They are right and we need to continue to call those fouls throughout the remainder of the season. They expect you to call them. Call them early in the game. As an Editor of a prominent magazine preaches " Call the foul, the players will adjust"


Special Olympics

Volunteers for the Special Olympics 2015

Frank Beebe Receiving award

Frank Beebe receiving IAABO Life Membership in Rochester N.Y. on April 25, 2015.

From left to right..Michael Hammond, Frank Beebe, Jack Doyle and Rich Antonelli.

Board 27 At the Garden

Board 27 Officials at the Garden
Wayne Pandolph, Dave Powell and Dave Engelson
Congratulations and Good Job


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